Report: Houthi militiamen kill, hurt 50 civilians in Marib

Iran-allied Houthi militia militants committed 69 violations against the civilians in the area of al-Amod in al-Gobah district of Marib governorate.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms (YNRF) reported that Houthi militiamen military operations on al-Abdia district, shelling the villagers houses with ballistic missiles, drones and heavy weapons resulted in killing 20 civilians among them 4 women, 6 children, injuring 30 more.

The YNRF’s report stated that Houthi militia’s ballistic missiles attack on the residential area of al-Amod in al-Gobah district destroyed a mosque, damaged nine houses and 10 cars.

The militia’s military operations and blockade on Marib southern districts displaced more than (10,000) people, 1500 students enrolled in Dar al-Hadeath Center along with their families and some 5740 pupils have been unable to pursue their schooling.

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