Shura Council condemns execution sentences against three civilians in Houthi militia-controlled regions

The Leadership of Shura Council has condemned the verdicts of execution issued by the Terrorist Houthi militias against three civilians from Almahweat governorate for baseless charges after they had been kidnapped and forcefully disappeared for more than seven year, brutally tortured.

It issued a statement shared with the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) said” We, in Shura Council, are following with deep concerns the execution rulings against the citizens: Sagher Fare’a, Abdulaziz al-Aqaili and Ismail Abu al-Ghaith Abdullah who are amicable civilians, they were kidnapped from their own houses and workplace, unfairly accused with false charges, as it happened earlier with similar execution sentences issued againt fellows from Sa’ada, Hoediah and other regions”.

The Shura Council called on the government and authorities in charge to take the legal measures against everybody involved or contributed to such actions.

The Council also called on the UN’s envoy and American as well to do their job, mount pressures upon the Terrorist Houthi militias to stop these illegal sentences and others, unconditionally fulfill the prisoners-exchange deal for all detainees.

The Shura Council called on all national, regional and international organizations which advocate for human rights to condemn the Houthi militias’ criminal verdicts and practices.