The Union of the Comoros designates Houthi militias a ‘Terrorist Organization’

The Interior Ministry in the Union of the Comoros announced about blacklisting a number of the entities which designates them terrorists on top of all Houthi Militia, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram among 69 terrorist entities.

According the website of the Comorian Homeland Newspaper the list includes the Houthi Group which the Yemeni Government designated a “Terrorist Organization” along with al-Qaeda Organization and (ISIS).

The government of the Union of the Comoros also designated the International Organization of the Muslims Brotherhood, Boko Haram, the Somali Shabab Organization, Ansar al-Sharia Group in Tunisia, the Islamist Group in Egypt and the Islamist movements affiliate to the Shiite Networks and the Structures which associate to Hezbollah.

This proclamation reiterated the commitment of the Comoros government to contribute to fighting the terrorism of its different forms.