Yemeni Govt surprised that Arab Coalition blamed for terrorist incidents in Hodeidah


Yemeni Government is astonished to hear accusations launched against Saudi-led Arab Coalition to Restore Legitimacy to Yemen for involvement in the two terrorist incidents that targeted Al-Thawra Hospital and the Fish Market in Hodeidah on Thursday, August 2nd, killing and injuring many. These complaints came despite the Coalition’s announcement that it did not conduct any air operations in Hodeidah on that day and proved it with technical evidence, which was presented to the UN Security Council and to the public that the bombardment that hit Al-Thawra Hospital and the fish market resulted from mortars fired from locations controlled by the Hauthi militias close to the sites.

Foreign Ministry said in statement the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) received a copy of it” that such hasty accusations, the last of which was issued in a statement by the European Union, come to confirm the departure of many of the objective facts and their tendencies towards absolving the Huthi militia, who have recently attacked the international maritime lanes in Southern Red Sea and Strait of Bab al-Mandab. The Government of Yemen has repeatedly warned that silence about such crimes against international law and sending the coup militias wrong messages will prolong the war due to overlooking the facts on the ground and their practices and violations of all Laws of War and international humanitarian law.

The statement added” That the Yemeni government has repeatedly affirmed its commitment to the full safety of civilians and to avoid harming them in all areas of Yemen without exception, in adherence to the highest standards of compliance with the rules and laws of war, Four Geneva Conventions and all maintaining obligations. At the same time, the Government of Yemen holds the militias responsible for all violations of international humanitarian law and all crimes which are not time-barred from prosecution.

The statement noted” The Government of the Republic of Yemen confirms the need to avoid the deficient attempts to address the Yemeni crisis, and that the sole and correct path to end this war, which was instigated by the Iranian-backed coup d’état, is by adhering to UNSC Resolutions, previously Resolution 2216 (2015) which reiterates the references of resolving Yemen question by the GCC Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism; the Outcomes of the Comprehensive National Dialogue; firm assumption of international community of its fundamental responsibilities in maintenance of international peace and security; and real condemnation of destabilizing actions of Iran to international peace and security in the region through its Houthi proxies in Yemen..

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